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Understanding toddler behaviour

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    Encouraging good behaviour: 15 tips

    How do you encourage good behaviour in kids? Start by being a role model for the child behaviour you want to see. Get 15 practical tips. Article available in: Arabic, Dari, Karen, Persian, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese.

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    Self-regulation in young children

    Self-regulation is the ability to manage reactions and behaviour, which starts developing around 12 months. You can help your child learn self-regulation.

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    Overstimulation: babies and children

    If your baby or young child is cranky and tired, these might be signs of overstimulation. Find out how to balance activity and downtime for your child.

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    Temperament: what it is and why it matters

    Temperament is the individual way your child responds to the world. Understanding your child’s temperament helps you choose effective parenting strategies.

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    Children’s habits

    Lots of children have habits like nail-biting. Most habits go away by themselves. But if you need to help children break habits, here are practical steps.

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    About self-esteem: children 1-8 years

    Self-esteem is feeling good about yourself. It helps children try new things, take healthy risks and learn. Read about fostering self-esteem in your child.

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    Building self-esteem: babies and children

    At different ages, children need different support for healthy self-esteem. This is because their sense of themselves changes as they develop. Get tips.

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    Pestering: what to do about it

    Pestering – it can be really frustrating. So how can you handle pester power? This article has practical tips on what to do when children pester.

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    When children ask for things: how to respond constructively

    Children often ask for things. Sometimes you can say ‘yes’, but sometimes it’s ‘no’. Your responses teach kids about communication, respect and compromise.

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