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Pre-teen behaviour: questions & issues

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    Dealing with disrespectful teenage behaviour

    Disrespect from teenagers is pretty common. It will probably pass, but these strategies for handling disrespectful behaviour can help you in the meantime.

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    Gambling and teenagers

    Children and teenagers can gamble in many ways, so they need to understand what gambling is, what its consequences are, and what the chances of winning are.

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    Pre-teens behaviour overview

    It’s normal for pre-teens to push the boundaries. Behaviour management for pre-teens is about clear rules, consistency and warm relationships. Read more.

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    Risky behaviour in teenagers: how to handle it

    Risky behaviour, thrill-seeking and looking for new experiences – why do teens do it? And what can you do about it? Get ideas for handling this behaviour.

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    Teenagers in trouble

    Troubled teens – what are the signs? And how can you help? This article explains what to look for and has tips for getting your child back on track.

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    Parent Story

    What is risky behaviour?


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