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Teen behaviour tools & tips

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    Being a role model for your child

    A discussion of how parents act as role models for teenagers, with tips on how parents can use role-modelling to shape teenage behaviour. Includes alcohol and other drug use information.

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    Encouraging good behaviour in teenagers

    Get 20 practical tips for encouraging good behaviour in older children and teenagers, plus ideas for building relationships and getting teens to behave well.

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    Legal age: teenagers and the law

    What’s the legal age for getting a tattoo, learning to drive, opening a bank account, seeing a doctor, getting a job and more? Here’s how you can find out.

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    Money management for teenagers

    Money management is a key life skill for teenagers. Read how to help your teen learn about managing money, saving money, earning money and borrowing money.

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    Parties and teenagers

    Teenage parties get a lot of bad press, but they can be good for your child’s social development. Here’s how to help your teen have fun – and stay safe.

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    Planning ahead for the teenage years

    How parents can plan for the teenage years, considering teen independence, behaviour, discipline, teenager-parent relationships and problem-solving.

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    Problem-solving with teenagers

    Get steps for problem-solving with teenagers, with detailed tips on how to help teenagers learn to solve problems and resolve conflicts independently.

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