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Parenting in Pictures: pregnancy

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    Pelvic floor care: in pictures

    Your pelvic floor holds your bladder, bowel and uterus in place, but pregnancy and birth can weaken it. Get tips for pelvic floor care and exercises.

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    Alcohol and pregnancy: in pictures

    If you’re pregnant, it’s best not to drink alcohol. If you’re trying to get pregnant, avoid alcohol. Get tips to cut down and quit alcohol in pregnancy.

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    Recovery after birth: in pictures

    For recovery after birth, try these tips: get lots of rest, support your back when breastfeeding, avoid heavy lifting, and return to exercise slowly.

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    Smoking and pregnancy: in pictures

    Smoking makes it harder to get pregnant and harms your baby if you are pregnant. See more about smoking and pregnancy, including where to get help to quit.

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    Healthy eating for pregnancy: in pictures

    Healthy eating in pregnancy means lots of fruit, vegetables and foods with calcium, protein and iron. Avoid sugary, fatty foods, and drink plenty of water.

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