For most couples, things settle down in middle pregnancy.

You might find your partner feels better, and has more energy and fewer mood swings. This makes the the second trimester a great time to be together as a couple and do some things that you’ll have less time for in the early months after baby arrives.

Now’s also the time to think about big topics like becoming a dad, work-life balance, finances and wills. Birth classes could be on the agenda too – if you’re interested, you could look into special birth classes for men.

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    What to expect in mid-pregnancy

    Tiredness, mood swings and morning sickness often ease up now. It can be a special time for you and your partner.

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    Where do you fit in?

    You could feel a bit left out at times during pregnancy. That’s pretty normal. Talking to someone you trust can help.

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    Not real yet?

    It’s pretty common to feel pregnancy is happening at a distance. In fact, it might not even feel real yet. That’s OK.

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    Sex in middle pregnancy

    Your partner might start feeling better now. Body and hormone changes might also mean changes in her desire for sex.

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    Stress in pregnancy: for men

    Pregnancy can be more stressful than the time after baby’s birth. Staying relaxed is better for your health – and baby’s.

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    20-week ultrasound scan

    Your health professional will probably suggest you have an ultrasound at 18-20 weeks to check your baby is growing normally.

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    Exercise and your partner

    Body changes might affect your partner’s balance and coordination in middle pregnancy, making some activities uncomfortable.

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    Building your relationship in pregnancy

    The middle months of pregnancy can be a time to enjoy with your partner and to strengthen your relationship.

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    Thinking about your dad and family

    The way you were brought up can be a big influence. You might want to be like your dad or do things differently.

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    Birth classes

    Birth classes are designed to help you and your partner get ready for labour, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting.

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    Birth classes just for men

    Birth classes just for men give you information on things like supporting your partner in birth and being a new dad.

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    Indigenous dads

    Ron Briggs helps Aboriginal men before and after the birth of their babies. Ron’s father is Yorta Yorta and his mother is Gunditjmara.

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    Work-life balance: benefits

    Finding a balance between work, family and time to yourself is good for you, your relationship with your partner and your child.

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    Work-life balance: dads’ stories

    Work-life balance often isn’t easy – but it’s worth it. Dads share their stories of juggling work, new baby and family life.


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