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Toddlers: friends & siblings

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    Handling sibling fights

    What’s the best way to handle sibling fights? This practical guide takes you through steps and tips to handle children’s fights constructively and fairly.

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    Preventing sibling fights: eight tips

    The key to fewer sibling fights? Help your children learn to get along. You can do this by using family rules, routines and praise for good behaviour.

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    Sharing and learning to share

    Learning to share can be a challenge for children, but it’s important. Practice, encouragement and games that involve sharing can help your child learn.

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    Toddlers making friends

    Watching toddlers making friends can be a delight, but it’s not always easy for them. Read tips on helping toddler friendships and playdates go well.

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    Why children and siblings fight

    Fights are a fact of life when kids get together, and kids fight for many reasons. When fights work out fairly, children can build important life skills.

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    Imaginary friends

    Did you know that two-thirds of children have imaginary friends? But if imaginary friends are a problem for your child’s behaviour, here are ideas to help.

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