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School-age nutrition: food & recipes

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    Child-friendly fruit and vegetables: in pictures

    How can you get kids to eat fruit and vegetables? Try our Mr Vegie Face pizza or rainbow plate to make fruit and vegies fun for your child. Get more ideas.

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    Quick healthy meals for kids: in pictures

    Our illustrated guide has quick healthy meals for kids. Try banana porridge, googy eggs, chicken strips, herby lamb chops and more. Make them in minutes!

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    ‘Everything’ fried rice

    Kids love our healthy family recipes. Try our ‘everything’ fried rice recipe with lots of tasty colourful ingredients like prawns, peas, carrot and celery.

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    Barbecue beef wraps

    Kids love our healthy family recipes, including Mexican-style beef strips and vegetables in wholemeal wraps. There’s also a vegetarian alternative.

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    Chicken burgers with sweet potato wedges

    Kids love our healthy family recipes. Try tasty burgers of chicken mince, chickpeas and zucchini, on wholemeal rolls with sweet potato wedges on the side.

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    Crunchy chicken fingers

    Why not try our healthy family recipes, including this one for chicken or fish fingers coated in crunchy cornflakes and oven baked. Your kids will love it!

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    Easy pizza

    Kids love our healthy family recipes. Try our quick and easy pizza using pita bread, vegetables, kidney beans and cheese.

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    Lamb and mint jelly cutlets with peas

    Try our healthy family recipes, including this comfort food recipe for lamb cutlets spread with mint jelly and served with peas and mashed vegetables.

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    Carrot and oat mini muffins

    Try our healthy kids recipes, including this winner: carrot and oat mini muffins. They’re yummy – and handy for school lunch boxes and picnics.

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    Wholemeal banana and yoghurt bread

    Check out our tasty, healthy, child-friendly banana bread recipe. This banana bread has the goodness of wholemeal flour and yoghurt and keeps for days

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    Strawberry ice blocks

    Try our healthy kids recipes, including our strawberry ice blocks with real fruit and yoghurt – so easy to whip up and store in the freezer for a hot day.

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