You and your partner might have been trying for a baby, or perhaps the pregnancy has come as a surprise. Either way, it’s big news.

Men have lots of different reactions when they hear they’re expecting a baby. Some can’t wait, and others just aren’t into it. This is all pretty normal. But early pregnancy can be a great time to think about things like your reactions to pregnancy, your lifestyle, your budget and your hopes and plans for fatherhood.

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    Men’s reactions: early pregnancy

    Whether a pregnancy is planned or comes as a surprise, hearing that you’re expecting a baby is likely to be a huge moment.

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    Early pregnancy: where do you fit in?

    Some men feel left out or like they don’t ‘fit in’, especially in early pregnancy. If this is you, talking to someone you trust can help.

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    Early pregnancy: not ‘into’ it

    You might be surprised how you feel when you find out your partner is pregnant. Some men just aren’t ‘into’ pregnancy at first.

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    Thinking about being a dad

    ‘What does being a dad mean to me?’ Thinking about questions like this can set you up for a rewarding experience as a father.

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    Sex in early pregnancy

    It’s usually fine to have sex throughout pregnancy, but many men find their sexual relationship changes, especially early on.

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    Moods and morning sickness

    When you and your partner work together, it can make her morning sickness and moods a little easier for both of you.

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    12-week ultrasound scan

    Seeing your baby for the first time can make pregnancy feel real. The 12-week ultrasound scan checks that baby is growing normally.

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    Miscarriage: a guide for men

    It’s hard to come to terms with miscarriage. You and your partner will both need time and support to heal.

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    Exercise and your partner

    Unless your partner’s health professional says otherwise, light to moderate exercise is usually safe during pregnancy.

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    Smoking, alcohol and other drugs

    If you smoke, drink alcohol or take other drugs, early pregnancy could be the right time to think about lifestyle changes.

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    Money, budgets and being a provider

    Many dads worry about being the family provider, especially if you’re going from two incomes to one. Doing a budget can help.

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    Putting work into perspective

    Finding a balance between work and family takes time. But having a family might put your work challenges into perspective.

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    Preparing for relationship changes

    Baby’s arrival can put extra pressure on your relationship with your partner. Pregnancy is a good time to prepare for change.

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    Getting upset or angry in pregnancy

    Many men feel stressed or under pressure in pregnancy. For some, pregnancy can trigger anger or aggression.


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