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Toddler development tracker: 1-2 years

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    12-15 months: toddler development

    Your toddler spends a lot of time working out what things do and what he can do with them. Read more about toddler development and delay at 12-15 months.

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    15-18 months: toddler development

    Your toddler is curious about everything and keen to play, experiment and explore. Here’s how to help toddler development at 15-18 months and spot delay.

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    18-24 months: toddler development

    At 18-24 months, your toddler might have big, new emotions like frustration, shame and excitement. Here’s how to boost toddler development and spot delay.

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    Language development: 1-2 years

    Language development in children 1-2 years is amazing. Your child starts understanding what you say. By two, you can partly understand what she says too!

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