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Newborn behaviour: common concerns

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    Cry Baby program

    The online Cry Baby learning program helps you understand and cope with young baby sleep and crying habits using tried and tested strategies.

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    Crying: babies and children 0-8 years

    Crying – all babies and children do it. Crying is common, but it isn’t always easy to handle. Read why babies and children cry and what to do about it.

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    How to soothe a crying baby: in pictures

    This Parenting in Pictures guide shows how to help a crying baby by checking her basic needs, soothing her and keeping her safe.

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    Colic: what to do

    When babies cry and fuss a lot, it’s often called colic. Here are some things you can do if you think your baby has colic.

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    Can you spoil a baby?

    Can you spoil a baby? No. Responding calmly and consistently helps baby learn that the world is safe and helps bonding – good for baby, good for you.

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    When you feel you might hurt your child

    A guide for parents on seeking help before personal problems lead to harming children with information about avoiding child abuse.

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