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Baby behaviour: common concerns

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    Fear of strangers: babies and young children

    Fear of strangers is normal for babies and young children. If fear of strangers is upsetting you or your child, our practical strategies can help.

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    Overstimulation: babies and children

    If your baby or young child is cranky and tired, these might be signs of overstimulation. Find out how to balance activity and downtime for your child.

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    Watching your child have a breath-holding spell can be scary. But your child will start breathing again, usually in about one minute. Read more.

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    Biting, pinching and hair-pulling

    Biting, pinching and hair-pulling are part of normal development in babies and toddlers. Here’s how to stay calm and teach your child better ways to behave.

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    Fear of the bath: babies and toddlers

    Some babies and toddlers are afraid of the bath, and bath time can feel like a battle. Here’s how to help your child learn to enjoy the bath.

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