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Wind and newborn babies: in pictures

0-3 months

Burping your baby

Newborns might have wind because they swallow air when crying or feeding. They get rid of wind by burping or passing wind from their bottom. Some babies may be unsettled during and after a feed until they’ve been burped.

Put a cloth over your shoulder. Put baby over your shoulder with your arm from that side supporting her bottom. Once baby is upright and outstretched, gently rub her back with your other hand.

It’s not unusual for your baby to vomit up some milk during burping.

Other positions to try

Very windy babies might need to be burped during a feed before switching breasts.

Sit your baby upright on your lap, letting him lean forward with his tummy against your hand or arm. The pressure of your hand or arm against his tummy might help bring up wind. Rub his back gently with your other hand.

Place baby face down on your lap or your forearm so he’s looking sideways and is supported by your knee or hand. Rub him back gently with your other hand.

When baby is still upset

If your baby is still upset after being burped, the problem might be something other than wind.

If your baby doesn’t settle, you might like to see your GP or family and child health nurse.

Once baby has been burped and is comfortable, she might be ready for play and spending time with you.

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