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Newborn baby routine: an example

0-3 months

Feed, play, sleep: daytime routine 1

Feed your baby.

Play with your baby. Change his nappy if it’s wet or soiled.

When your newborn shows tired signs, put him in his cot to sleep.

Daytime routine 2

About 2-3 hours after the last feed, feed your baby. Newborn babies usually need to be fed every 2-4 hours.

Play with your baby. Check the nappy to see if it’s wet or soiled. 

About 2-3 hours after your baby’s last sleep, look for tired signs. When you see them, put your baby in the cot to sleep.

Night-time routine

If your baby wakes and it’s 2-3 hours since the last feed, feed your baby.

Check your baby’s nappy. Change it if it’s wet or soiled. Try to keep noise and light to a minimum.

Put your baby back into the cot to sleep.

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