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Quick, easy and healthy food: videos

2-8 years

Making quick easy healthy food doesn’t have to be hard. Watch these five short videos for great lunch ideas and top tips for getting children interested in healthy food. See how different families prepare healthy lunch boxes, meal plans and shopping lists together.

Preparing lunches ahead: wraps


This family plans ahead and makes a few days worth of wraps for lunch boxes. Children help with mixing healthy fillings, folding the wraps and packing things away. Everyone works together to make it quick, easy and yummy.


Preparing healthy lunches ahead: sandwiches and leftovers


Planning and cooking ahead makes for quick easy lunch boxes on busy school mornings. Children get involved in coming up with healthy lunch ideas. They make interesting sandwiches to freeze, portion out pancakes, prepare leftovers and learn about healthy food.


Preparing lunches ahead: mealtimes


Why not do tomorrow’s lunches as you do today’s dinner? When this family does vegies for dinner, they cut up extras for quick easy lunch box snacks. Healthy food is a team effort as children help with peeling, counting and sorting vegies.


Making a meal plan and shopping list


A quick easy meal plan and shopping list can save you money, time and stress. This video shows how children can help with healthy food planning and work on literacy skills at the same time. Getting kids involved makes them feel good too!


Getting children to help with a healthy shopping list


If you run out of something, why not ask your child to add it to a shopping list? In this video, a brother and sister help with the list, which gets them involved in healthy food planning and gives their parents the chance to get on with other things.

For more tips and ideas about how to make healthy food quick, easy and a fun part of family life, check out our videos on healthy food choices, healthy eating, fresh food and food and child development.

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