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Encouraging healthy eating in children: videos

2-8 years

Want to know how to make broccoli disappear? These three short videos show how making food fun can get kids into healthy eating and healthy food. Other top tips include eating well yourself, sharing mealtimes with kids and modelling good food choices.

Setting a good example by eating healthy food yourself


‘Children see what you do, and also want to do what you do’, says one of the parents in this video. The couple featured here explain that getting children into healthy eating is mostly about eating healthily yourself.


Sharing healthy snacks with children


Grapes for me, grapes for you. In this video, Mum leads by example as she and her two daughters have healthy snacks after school. It’s a chance to spend some time together and talk about their favourite fruit – and it’s helping set up healthy eating habits for life.


Making healthy foods fun


The father in this video finds that turning food into something ‘precious’ can make healthy eating fun. Watch how these children love eating broccoli after Dad says, ‘It’s only for grown-ups!’.

For more tips and ideas about how to make healthy food quick, easy and a fun part of family life, check out our videos on making healthy food quick and easy, healthy food choices, fresh food and food and child development.

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