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How to get your child interested in fresh food

2-8 years

Getting children interested in fresh and healthy food often starts in the garden. Planting, growing and picking fresh herbs and vegies can get you all talking about where healthy food comes from and enjoying the fruits of your labour! Watch these three videos for more ideas.

Planting herbs at home


The children in this video used to be fussy eaters. They got more interested in new foods after they started growing and picking their own tomatoes. When children are involved in growing and preparing healthy and fresh food for family meals, they’re more likely to eat it.


Where food comes from: talking with children


Children are more interested in eating healthy fresh food when they know where it’s come from. As the family in this video does its fresh food shopping, they stop to talk about where different fruits and vegies grow, and what it means when something is ‘in season’.


Growing and choosing herbs for cooking


‘You can actually grow things that you use’, says a parent featured here. The children in this video learn to recognise herbs through sight and smell. With Dad, they decide which ones are good for dinner and pick them. It’s a great way to start a lifelong love for fresh food.

Explore other parts of our Getting Kids into Healthy Food video guide for more tips and ideas about how to make healthy food quick, easy and a fun part of family life.

Useful websites

Gardening for children
Better Health Channel – Gardening for children
The Better Health Channel is a Victorian Government website. This article looks at how gardening helps kids learn about plants, animals, weather, the environment, healthy eating and fresh food.

Gardening 4 Kids – Growing herbs for kids
Gardening 4 Kids is a website started by a primary school gardening teacher, Caroline Roberts. This page features a blog post on growing herbs for kids. The website also has gardening activities and ideas for children.

Yates – Kids gardening
Yates has information, tips and ideas for kids in the garden. There are articles on getting kids into gardening and projects for them to enjoy on weekends and school holidays. You can also check out the kid-friendly Garden Greenies section.

Foods in season in Australia
Seasonal Food Guide Australia
This website helps you find out when different fruits and vegetables are in season and at their best in different parts of Australia.


How healthy food helps your child’s learning and development

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