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How healthy food helps your child’s learning and development

2-8 years

A trip to the fresh food market can help kids learn about colours, numbers and words – and healthy food. It’s surprising how helpful kids can be when they’re involved! These videos also show families preparing food together, which builds reading, maths and social skills.

Shopping for healthy food together


The rainbow of colours in this family’s trolley shows they have a great range of healthy food to take home. Shopping for food together helps child development by giving kids a fun opportunity to learn about colours, maths, money and social interaction.


Cooking together: tzatziki


Cooking with kids is a fun way to learn about healthy food and help child development. This family makes tzatziki. Mum guides the children through reading a recipe, using cutlery, counting and measuring. There’s hands-on action as they stir, peel, scrape – and eat the yummy dip!


Cooking together: children making pancakes


The children in this video learn a lot as they cook together. One reads the recipe while the others measure and calculate ingredients. Cooking a simple recipe lets children work together to make decisions about food and gives them confidence as they experience kitchen success.

Explore other parts of our Getting Kids into Healthy Food video guide for more tips and ideas about how to make healthy food quick, easy and a fun part of family life.

Useful websites

Heart Foundation – Pancakes with strawberry and passionfruit
Check out the Heart Foundation for a simple pancake recipe.

Heart Foundation Tzatziki dip with pita chips
Check out the Heart Foundation for a simple tzatziki dip recipe.

Involving your kids in cooking
Healthy Food Healthy Planet – Involving the children
Nutrition Australia has developed the Healthy Food Healthy Planet website to make a healthy lifestyle easier with healthy menus and food planning ideas. This page offers ideas and tips on how you can involve children in meal preparation at home.

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