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Professionals using the Raising Children Network website

If you’re a professional working with families or planning, managing and providing service delivery, the Raising Children Network website has specialised materials designed for you. These include reliable and scientific information, ways to connect, innovative features, accessible and credible parenting information, and research resources.

Reliable, scientifically validated content

All content on the website has passed through a rigorous quality assessment process developed by the Raising Children Network team and the Raising Children Network Scientific Advisory Board. The Board is made up of some of Australia’s pre-eminent experts in child and adolescent health and development and oversees the website’s content development.

The website’s quality assessment process ensures that each piece of content is approved by at least two independent experts for accuracy and validity. A professional web editing team also assesses the accessibility and communication values of each piece to ensure that information is easy to understand, remember and act on.

Professionals are invited to engage in the development of the website by suggesting additional content or offering feedback or expertise.

Opportunities to connect

Through the many links, content partners and services listed on the Raising Children Network website, professionals and organisations can learn about and connect with each other.

Raising Children Network works with peak organisations and incorporates the advice and input of more than 200 experts. It researches and commissions original content, forms partnerships to incorporate quality content produced elsewhere and draws on existing parenting information from many sources.

This approach not only helps professionals connect. It also avoids ‘reinventing the wheel’ when it comes to providing reliable information across Australia.

As a professional, you can use this website to:

Innovative features

The Raising Children Network website offers a wide range of interactive tools and accessible downloads:

Accessible, credible parenting information

The Raising Children Network website offers up-to-date, research-based material on more than 1000 topics spanning pregnancy, parenting, and child and teenage development, behaviour, health, nutrition and fitness, play and learning, connecting and communicating, sleep and safety.

This material has been developed to be engaging and relevant to both parents and professionals, with a focus on accessibility and reliability. 

As a professional, you can use the website to:

Research resources

The Raising Children Network website is useful for professionals seeking published research or further information on a given topic. Articles published on the website list academic references and primary sources such as systematic reviews and ground-breaking papers. The site also provides direct links to relevant regulatory references and legislation. 

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