In these videos, dads talk about the changing role of fathers and demonstrate essential baby care skills. Getting involved in the daily care of your baby is the best way to build your skills and confidence.

Nappy changing for dads


This short video shows how to change a disposable nappy, especially for dads! It shows nappy changing steps from start to finish and includes the key points onscreen. Safety rule number one – never leave a baby unattended on a change table.


Bathing a newborn safely


This short video takes you through bathing a newborn safely, including demonstrations of setting up the bath, bathing techniques and baby bath temperature. When you’re bathing your newborn baby, it’s important to look after your baby’s comfort as well as her cleanliness.


Bottle and formula preparation for dads


This short video on bottle-feeding shows how to prepare infant formula. It shows a dad going through the steps for washing and sterilising a baby bottle and preparing formula. It talks about safety and hygiene and highlights the key points onscreen. The video also shows how to give the bottle to your baby.


Bonding for dads


This short video shows dads bonding with their newborn babies. It explains how eye contact, cuddling, talking and smiling strengthen the bond with your baby and help baby grow and develop. Your baby loves the sound of your voice, so try talking about everyday things, reading together and singing to baby – even if you’re off-key!


How dads can help with newborns and babies


This short video shows how dads can help with newborn nutrition and also with caring for newborns and babies. Dads explain how they’ve been able to help and support their partners in the early months after birth.


Dads’ changing roles


This short video is about the changing role of fathers in raising children. Dads talk about being stay-at-home dads and getting more involved in caring for their children. They also share their experiences of being more involved in parenting than their own fathers were.


How to hold a baby: for dads


In this short video, dads show you how to hold a baby, especially when your baby is a newborn. The video shows you how to change holding positions – you might need to keep trying until you find one that your baby likes. Supporting the neck and head is important with newborns, and you need to take extra care with the soft spot on top of your baby’s head.


Benefits of a mothers group


In this short video on parent support groups, Australian mothers discuss the benefits of going to a mothers group. You can connect with others sharing similar experiences. You can find support in tough times. And you can also discuss your child’s development and see that there’s a big range of normal when it comes to child development.


Dads’ special moments


In this short video, men share stories of dads’ special moments with children. They talk about how they use bathtime, playtime and stories for bonding with their kids. Special moments between fathers and children can happen everyday. These moments can make the challenges associated with parenting worthwhile.

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