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Changing a disposable nappy or kimbie: Aboriginal parents

0-18 months

Getting ready to change the nappy

Check your baby’s nappy often, and change a dirty nappy straight away. Before you change a nappy, make sure you have everything close and ready. This includes a clean nappy, baby wipes or a wash cloth, and some water.

Lay your baby down. Make eye contact, talk, sing or give your baby a toy. This helps baby feel calm and happy.

Undo the nappy. Use the front of the nappy to wipe off any poo. Fold the nappy into a tight ball.

Cleaning bottom and putting on nappy

Gently clean the baby’s bottom using baby wipes or a damp wash cloth.

Gently lift your baby by the ankles to wipe the back of baby’s bottom. Wiping girls front to back will help stop infections. Make sure baby’s bottom is clean and dry.

Take a clean nappy, lift your baby, and put the nappy under. Make sure the flaps go towards the front. Stick down each flap.

Cleaning up and nappy rash

Put the dirty nappy in the bin straight away. Make sure baby is safe before you go to the bin.

Wash your hands before changing the nappy and after getting rid of the nappy.

Sometimes baby can get a rash from nappies. This is nappy rash. That’s why you need to change a dirty nappy straight away. If baby gets nappy rash, see the health centre.

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