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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents: videos

In these videos, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents share their experiences of parenting and raising children in Australia.

You can watch these videos to hear Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents talking about:


Play and learning: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander parents


In this short video, parents talk about playing games, reading books and drawing with their children. These are fun ways to spend time with kids and can help bonding. They also help kids learn colours, shapes and numbers. These parents also give some tips on other easy and fun activities that can help kids learn.


Nutrition: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents


In this video, a dad of three tells how he gets his children to eat well by involving them in shopping and preparing meals. He wants his children to appreciate good food and develop healthy habits. He says it’s important to lead by example, because ‘it’s hard to get the kids to do something when you’re not doing it’.


Routines: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents


In this short video, parents talk about routines. They say that having some structure to your day helps children know what’s coming next. It helps them feel safe and makes life easier for you. Routines also help children learn healthy habits like brushing teeth, washing hands and eating regular meals. And routines help get them ready in the morning, and into bed at night.


Watching your kids: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents


In this video, father of three Kieran talks about supervision. He says he checks on his boys regularly to make sure they’re OK, and he always stays close around roads and near water. He wants to make a safe environment so his children can play and develop. It’s about knowing your children and knowing what they can do. As Kieran says, ‘They’re my kids, they’re my responsibility’.

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