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Babies: allergy & intolerance

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    Allergies in children – what are they? And what can you do about them? This clear, practical guide explains causes and treatments for children’s allergies.

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    Food allergies and food intolerances

    What’s the difference between food allergies and food intolerance in children? How do you reduce the risk of kids developing allergies? This guide explains.

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    Food allergies and food intolerances: symptoms and management

    If your child has food allergies or food intolerance, the most important thing is avoiding the food. You also need to know about symptoms and reactions.

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    Non-food allergies

    If your child has allergies to dust mites, pollen, grass, animals, latex, insect stings and bites, read this guide for reliable allergy management advice.

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    Lactose intolerance

    Concerned your baby or child has lactose intolerance? This article explains the signs, clears up common confusion and suggests how to treat symptoms.

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